What To Look For in Men’s Suits

If you want to be taken seriously at work, you have to dress the part and wear a serious suit.  Men’s suits speak volumes about the wearer and give the right impression to your managers, clients and co-workers.  But what exactly should you look for when shopping for men’s suits?

tailored suits

tailored suits

This year, lapels and collars are sleek and simple and a more tailored look is preferable to the more casual fits from previous years. Ties should be narrow but whether you favor solid colors or patterns is down to your own personal choice.

Contemporary, tailored suits in a variety of fabrics from linen to wool, so you can choose the fabric that hangs best on your frame and suits the season.  Whatever fabric and color you opt for, make sure that it fits properly, because if it’s too tight or short you could be wearing the world’s most expensive suit and no-one would notice: all they would see would be an ill-fitting suit.

When trying on a suit, check that the cuffs show no more than about a centimeter of your shirt cuff when your arm is bent towards your face.  When your arm is relaxed, your suit cuff should brush the top of the back of your hand and cover your shirt sleeve completely. You should be able to do up all the buttons without any gaping when standing straight with your shoulders back.  Turn around and check that any V-shape cut into the tail of your jacket is not gaping in any way – it should be flush with the jacket. Your trousers should brush the top of your shoes but not cover the heels at the back.

If you are worried about buying a suit that is on-trend but that you might not want to be seen in next year, opt for a classic dark single-breasted suit that you can accessorize, brighten up and keep up to date with more on-trend shirts and ties.

Always check the care instructions on your suit – most will be dry-clean only, so make sure that you make time (and have the money) to have your suits dry-cleaned regularly to keep them looking great.



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