Six Ways to Freshen Up Your Style

Don’t let your limited budget limit your style. There are quite a few things you can do to keep your look fresh even when you need to be wise with your wardrobe dollars. It just takes a little effort and perhaps perusing the sale racks. Whether you incorporate one or all, here are six simple and inexpensive ways to freshen up your style.
1. Wear more color
A great way to liven up your look is to incorporate more color into your wardrobe. Perhaps this is just a matter of wearing a brightly colored t-shirt under a v-neck sweater, or sporting a new shirt or sweater. Adding color will liven up otherwise dull neutral tones. But the most important thing is to wear color near your face since that is where it will have the most impact and keep you from looking washed out.

2. Seek Out a New Pair of Glasses/Sunglasses
Glasses are a great way to express yourself too. The interesting thing about glasses is that you could simply be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but with the right glasses you suddenly look fashion savvy.You may want to have a couple of pair–one pair that is bold and one that is more subdued. This way you can match your glasses with your mood or outfit.

3. Treat Yourself to One or Two Super Pieces
If you can possibly afford it, I believe in buying one or two great pieces that will really keep you looking stylish. This may be a cool sport coat, a leather jacket or an awesome pair of jeans that really show off your assets. What ever it is, make sure it’s something that you know you will wear often and is flattering. I just bought a moleskin sport coat that was a bit expensive, but it looks great and I know I will get a lot of use out of it.

4. Sport a Snappy Belt
You may have noticed that recently elaborate belts with interesting buckles have become quite the fashion statement. And they can be quite inexpensive as well.

5. Avoid Tattered Looking Shoes
A tattered pair of shoes is always a turn off. I don’t care if you wear dress shoes or sneakers, keep ‘em looking their best. This may just mean getting a shoe shine or picking up a new pair altogether.

6. Get a Groovy watch
Since men don’t have many options when it comes to jewelry, this is a great way to express yourself as well as liven up your look.


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